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Cubane Elite X1

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Adjustable HD Lens

Protect your eyes

enjoy unlimited videos with Cubane app

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Cubane is a high quality VR Headset device that runs VR Games/ Videos/ 3D Movies from your mobile phone. Experience maximum physical comfort and an adaptable field of view
with Cubane' adjustable eye to screen distance. Cubane places experience first; we've eliminated the risk of eye strain and simulator sickness by ensuring a flexible headset that meets your exact requirements. We let nothing undermine high quality visual
perfection. Transfer yourself into another world from your living room, and feel the thrill of having high quality virtual reality experiences on demand, whenever the temptation arises. The Cubane VR Headset is inspired by Google Cardboard as a fun and portable VR experience, but offers superior durability and tech specifications compared to its counterpart. Along with a protective casing and Bluetooth technology, these features allow you to take your VR experience anywhere and acts as an affordable equivalent to Oculus Rift.

Cubane VR Visual Display Features:
• Adjust distance to match facial shape
• Large field of view
• Adjustable screen to eye distance
• Can be used by people who wear glasses
• Adjust for every head size via quality Velcro strap
• Soft leather cushion in front that covers face
• Leather band for soft back of the head support
• Quality plastic used with soft edges
• Very comfortable around the nose Additional Details
•3D Blue lens,imported from Japan, which protect eyes for longer use
• Bluetooth Remote Control
• Comes with User guide
• Lens Cleaner Technical Specifications:
Glasses Type: 3D
Glasses Brand Name: Cubane VR
Model Number:Elite-X1
3D Glasses Type: Polarized
Color: Black
Support System: Android / IOS - with gyroscope functionality Material: Plastic + Leather
Support Devices: 4-6 inch Smartphone with gyroscope in them. Product Net Weight: 360g
Product Size: 190*110*138mm Sight adjustment: 76.5mm-85mm Lens: Aspheric optical lens
design. Diameter of lense: 33.5mm

Weight .660 kg
Dimensions 11 x 12 x 10 cm


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