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I hear and I forget

I see and I remember

I do and I understand

- Confucius

Capturing the attention of the students has never been more difficult, than in today’s academic environment. The Gen Y today is characterized by their shorter attention spans, and their ever increasing interest in ‘Gaming’. Gaming is no more just a characteristic, but an expectation of what is required to capture their attention.

Based on the preferences of the students today, ‘Experiential learning techniques’ provide the requisite stimuli to engage the students in an active learning process.

In simplest words, Experiential Learning (EXL) is learning through experience, and reflection on doing. Simulations are new age, innovative experiential learning tools that are deployed all over the world to help students and professional visualize the real world and ‘learn by doing’.  Simulations are approximate imitations of processes and scenarios and their behaviour over time. These are fuelled by Artificial Intelligence and Data that has been gathered by simulation designers over decades. 

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Our business simulations take students and business professionals through the story of a new company. Students act as the executive team, analyze market research, form an overall business strategy, and make functional, strategic and tactical business decisions. They work with and against their peers who are all part of the same competitive industry.  The market scenarios and company performances are dynamic and change based on their and competitors’ decisions which makes them think and rethink their strategies in light of continuing new information.  As the simulation progresses, it gradually introduces new concepts and decisions.

Simulations allow students to experiment with business strategies, test business ideas, and experience the consequences of their actions in a virtual and risk free business environment.  As students apply their theoretical knowledge to take practical decisions, perceive the elements in their business environment, comprehend the implications of these elements and project these elements into the future, they develop the understanding of nuances of business that helps them take better decisions in real life business scenarios.

We at Cubane Solutions  Pvt Ltd. believe that facilitation is as important as the software that is used for simulation. With facilitators that are experienced industry  professionals who are as passionate about motivating and engaging their students as they are about their subject matter, classrooms become highly charged places that students look forward to staying in and coming back each day.

Participants Impacted

What They Say About Us

Kashish O

“We got to learn so many things about business from our simulation course, key being decision taking skills. As a management student, I’ve only learnt the terms -marketing, finance , HR , sales etc. in books and never knew how to actually apply the different concepts and use the data and tools in real life. This simulation gave me practical experience which will be very beneficial for me in future and it also gave me confidence to start my own business. Our company went through ups and downs, as business partners in the simulation, there were many scenarios where we had differences in opinions but as each quarter passed, we grew to trust each other and understand how to manage internal conflicts. . Venture Capitalist negotiation and licensing with the other competitors taught us how to negotiate. We got a real Shark Tank like experience with the VCs. Honestly it was by far the best business experience and practical knowledge presented to us in our entire three year program. Thank you so much Ritu Ma’am this will surely help us a lot.”

Kashish Oswal (MITSOM)

‘’I would really like to thank you for giving us this opportunity to try our hands on a simulation like this. Even though our balanced scorecard fell significantly, it came with an advantage that none of us will ever forget why our company performed poorly and this is surely going to make us do better in the real world. I personally think I learnt a lot more from this loss than from being at the top! Thank you so much for teaching us this aspect of business too!!’

Riya Nathe (MITSOM)

‘’Loved how approachable and knowledgeable and even engaging the facilitator was in all the right ways. This was something really new and out of the box. We are enriched with many new skills and techniques. The essence of team building was the main thing we learned. We feel very confident to step into real life business.’’

Omkar Somvanshi
Radha Iyer

‘’We had engaged Ritu Kedia as a visiting faculty for conducting the Marketplace Strategy simulation game at the K. J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research for the entrepreneurship course. She was competent, knowledgeable & her interpersonal engagement with the students is appreciated.’’

Prof. Radha Iyer (K. J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research)
anjali sane

Learning Business Simulation is like sport…you only get better with practice" At MIT-WPU School of Management(UG), Business Simulation is an integral part of the curriculum and Ms. Ritu Kedia was the facilitator for the same during 2019-20. She made the lessons fun, memorable, and educational–everything that a good lesson should be. Students have shared very positive feedback about Ritu. She has been a fair, firm and friendly facilitator. I recommend Ritu highly and wish her the very best in all her future endeavors!

Dr. Anjali Sane (Associate Dean, Dr. Vishwanath Karad MIT World Peace University)

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