About us

Cubane is a brand of  Stone sketch solutions Pvt. Ltd (S3) with due promptness proffers three dimensional structural ideas, including those for the outside appearance. S3 works effortlessly for the provisions in life like diagrams by showing a clear picture of the anticipated appearances.

The company also provides realistic characteristics of the inside progress of operations, as well as the progress of operations related to Virtual Reality or correlated apparent trips and progress of operations regarding aggrandized actuality by providing official dynamic movies creation and characterization of roles for films and amusements. It envisages solution for complete all around view and creation and characteristics of object to be produced.

The devices offered by the company as well as its communication techniques make recreation in the field of cell phone rise from the level of mere luxury to a concept involving active participation of the user.

The devices CUBANE which provide are modified remarkably to suit the developed lifestyle of people. The company has worked hard to achieve appreciable level of features for the applications, pictures, pictures exhibiting noticeable resolution, music of extra ordinary quality add to features which had never been expected or experienced in cell phones earlier.

Our Team

Akash Purohit
Founder / CEO
Sreenath MS
Founder / Director
Vasant Bhatia
Director / Mentor
Suhas Patel
Investing Partners
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Sandeep Makhijani
Investing Partners
Jones Daniel
Creative Consultant
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MK Gupta
App Developer
Safarullah Jalal
Technical Head